About Holly

Combining Business Advising with Business Coaching to get results that put you in control

Business Coach

I have over sixteen years of pharmaceutical industry experience in a variety of key positions: hands-on research developing new products and launching new instrumentation, product management and marketing, creating a specialized sales force, and global marketing and corporate communications.  In these roles, I led reengineering projects to increase sales and streamline product launches, improved targeting to a select marketplace, and streamlined positioning and cross-selling across the entire business portfolio.

My broad-based experience in development, marketing, sales, customer satisfaction, and strategic planning has prepared me to unearth problems, identify solutions, and perhaps most important of all, bring about constructive changes and lasting success.

When seeking to fulfil my dream of starting my own business, I first started with the world’s number one coaching firm to solidify and unite my corporate experience with some of the worlds’ best business coaches. I then started my own business advising firm to continue to share my broad experience with business owners. From planning to implementation, I work hand in hand with my clients to identify and achieve the lasting transformation of their businesses.

I live in Central NJ with my husband and am now an empty nester with a daughter teaching in the Midwest, and my son’s family has now introduced me to the joy of being a grandma. I also believe in contributing to my community by participating in a variety of not-for-profit and community organizations, taking on board roles to help these organizations move forward. I have also been a science mentor to teens from Mercer County, because would you believe this all started with a degree in Biochemistry from Barnard College in New York.

Our Process

How i work with business Owners

01. Virtual  Transformation Seminars

Teaching business owners new ways to approach key areas of the business. The seminars cover a broad variety of topics: Marketing, Sales, Systemization of your Business, Hiring and Retaining Great Employees, and much more.

Note: Seminars are free to attend but preregistration is required.

Time: Monday once a month from 4 pm – 5 pm. Check the event schedule for more details

02. Quarterly Planning Workshops

One morning every quarter, while other business owners are bogged down fighting fires in their business, a group of like-minded business owner are focused and working ON their businesses. All successful entrepreneurs have a plan, but truly successful business owners have a 90 Day Implementation Plan!

Note: $295 The best investment you will make in growing your business (preregistration is required)

Time: 9am – 12 noon

03. One-on-one Mentor COACHING

Once the 90 Day Plan is created, some business owners need additional assistance with the implementation. Having templates to help start the transformation speeds the process, as well as helping the owner stay focused on what they said they wanted to accomplish. It is also essential to track the progress so that changes or alterations can be made before too much time is spent with no results to show for it. This type of coaching includes the Quarterly Planning Workshops and can be extended to coaching individual team members on achieving their goals as well.

It’s All About What YOU Need!

This sounds simple, and it can be, but it takes having a business advisor to help direct your efforts, keep you on track, and function as a sounding board.


While each business is unique, the end goals are not. It all depends on how and when you address them.

  • Perhaps you need to improve cash flow, or increase your sales and profits?
  • What about customers – could you generate more sales by making it easier to do business with you
  • And wouldn’t you love more free time to enjoy life, and spend less time feeling enslaved to your business?


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Seminars are free – if all you want to do is gain some business knowledge, Quarterly Planning Workshops are a nominal fee of $295 if you really are focused on setting your goals to move your business ahead. And finally mentor coaching comes in a variety of levels – because every business is unique and requires different levels of interaction. Best way to find out is to get a free consultation

Will I recoup my investment in coaching?

Yes, in fact I guarantee my services. If I haven’t recouped your annual investment with me in six months (as long as you do the work as well) I will coach your for free until I do.

What is the advantage of working with a Business Coach?

Many business owners lose sight of what they wanted for their business when they started. Working with a business coach you can regain the clarity you started with. A Business coach also holds you accountable to achieve what YOU said you wanted to. And a Business Coach comes with tried and true strategies and ideas that will help you start the transformation faster

What does it take to get started?

Just click on the Get Started Button, fill out the questionnaire, and schedule a FREE consultation. Its that easy.