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Business owners and entrepreneurs have great ideas. In fact, they often have too many. The first thing I focus on with my clients is helping them identify the most important ideas for business success. By limiting the focus to these ideas, tasks get done and results are attained.


After isolating the Key Ideas, the next step is to create a step by step plan, using tried and true strategies that will lead to the results needed for lasting business success. This can be done one-on-one, or once a quarter in a group setting, with like-minded business owners. Great ideas are shared, and new approaches are considered.


With the plan in place, attention turns to implementing the tasks and strategies that were identified to obtain the business results you want –or need. As implementation proceeds, key performance indicators are tracked to make sure the results are proceeding in the desired direction. If not, the plan is adjusted to ensure that the desired results DO happen. Then, as the plan progresses quarter after quarter, it is time to consider some of the initial ideas that were tabled during the initial focus phase.

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As a Business Advisor, I am a generalist who makes sure that all areas of a business function seamlessly with each other.


Business Transformation Seminars

Vital Signs for Your Business

April 12th

What are your KPIs? If you asked what is a KPI you should attend this seminar. Learn to take financial control of your business so that it works for you. You can’t afford to miss this seminar.

Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

May 17th

Where you spend your time can be critical to business success. Do you end the day wondering why you didn’t get everything done? There are easy ways to regain control of your time, let us teach you how.

Six Levels to Gain Control of Your Business

June 14th

Running a business takes more than marketing and sales. It takes an understanding of how to create an efficient business, from mastering delivery to creating a great team. We will discuss all aspects of attaining a business that can truly work without you (at least some of the time)

90 Day Workshops

90 Day Planning Workshop

Virtual Event : 9:00AM To 12:00PM

Put your ideas and goals into action at our virtual Planning Workshops.

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June 22

September 21

December 7

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CBM started working with Holly in 2009, as a business with very little structure. As the owner, I was doing everything, as a result of working in my business instead of on my business we plateaued. With the systems and programs, Holly implemented we saw immediate improvement and growth, through the weekly coaching we were able to strategize our business goals. By continuing to work with Holly we’ve been able to grow by 1300% in a 10 yr period. The most important aspect of coaching is that Holly is able to customize your business plan to your life goals. In life you make a few life-altering decisions such as dedication to God, career, marriage, children, business coaching in my humble opinion should be one of those decisions. Holly has helped me to achieve my goals which inevitably have benefited my family significantly. I have a business now that runs independently of me, and has created passive income. You owe it to yourself to consult with Holly and determine how she can help you achieve your business goals.

Anthony Conover,

President, , Conover Building Maintenance

I am a solopreneur and owner of Hummingbird Arts Studio in West Windsor NJ. I met Holly Jerome in 2012 at a BNI meeting. At that time, I was teaching private art lessons out of my home and networking, but I didn’t really have a long term plan for my business.  I was in a transition period and I was ready to “give-up” on the business.  I decided to meet with Holly in hopes of getting organized and deciding if I could continue with the business.  Over 8 years later and I am still in business! With the help of Holly and Transformation Bureau, I have successfully rebranded my business, moved into a professional studio space, and built up a base of corporate clientele that respect my time and talent. Holly has been available at every step of my journey. When I am facing a big business decision, she gives me honest feedback and warns me of potential pitfalls, and often recommends trusted contractors/vendors from her vast professional network. Holly helped me hire a seasonal employee by creating a detailed job description and establishing a screening process for applicants. Most recently I have had to reinvent my business model due to the economic impact of the pandemic. The 90 planning session with Holly and Transformation Bureau has given me the tools to stay focused on my short and more importantly long term goals.  Holly is one of the 1st people I turn to for business advice, she is truly invested in her clients and their businesses. 


CEO, Humming Arts Studio

I met Holly three years ago when I did a woodworking project for her. As the project progressed we learned quite a bit about each other. She learned about me and my business and some of the challenges I was facing as a business owner, and I learned about her background in business and as a business coach and I knew almost immediately she could help make the right decisions to move my business in a better direction. Holly is a great listener, she is very bright, and she has great ideas. She also understands business finance, which is VERY IMPORTANT. She has the wherewithal to tell you when you are doing the right things for your business and when you are going down the wrong path and she is not afraid to tell you so. And that is a good thing! You can’t be shy when you are a business advisor and you, as a business owner, shouldn’t be working with someone that is. You have to trust in the advice you are given and, over the past three years, I have come to trust Holly implicitly to the point where I tell people I meet that Holly is my virtual COO. I run most of my ideas for my business by Holly and then we discuss them until we both are in agreement. Over the past two years Holly has helped me navigate very turbulent waters to where I am now moving out of my old shop into a new larger shop where my business can grow even further. If you are a business owner and have the chance to meet and speak with Holly TAKE THE CHANCE! You will find it time well spent. If you are open to taking advice, even if you think it seems a little out there TAKE THE CHANCE! You will find the advice worth taking. Every business owner should have a business advisor. Holly is mine, and she could be yours as well. Make the call and do it today. Philip Ridder, Owner of Ridder’s Custom Woodwork, LLC.

Philip J. Ridder

Owner & Craftsman, Humming Arts Studio